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Full Arch Dental Implants

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Full arch dental implants are a revolutionary dental treatment that offers a permanent solution for individuals who have lost most or all of their teeth. This innovative procedure involves the placement of four or more dental implants into the jawbone, which then serves as a sturdy foundation for a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Designed to look, feel, and function just like natural teeth, full arch implants provide unmatched stability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are a suitable option for those seeking a long-lasting solution to tooth loss that goes beyond what traditional dentures offer.

Why Should I Get Full Arch Dental Implants?

If you're tired of the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures, full arch implants could be a great solution. Unlike dentures, which can slip and cause difficulty speaking and eating, full-arch dental implants are securely anchored to your jawbone, offering unparalleled stability. They don't require any adhesives and can be cared for just like natural teeth. Moreover, they help preserve your facial structure by preventing bone loss in the jaw, a common issue in individuals with missing teeth. With Full Arch Dental Implants, you can regain your confidence, enjoy your favorite foods, and smile without hesitation.

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Did You Know?

Full arch dental implants can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

What Our Patients Say

“Dr. English is very kind and skilled. He performed an implant procedure in my lower jaw. Everything went smoothly and I never felt any pain. I’ve been to his office four times and was never left waiting - always seen as scheduled.”

Arthur D.

“I highly recommend Dr. Ray English III. He and his staff made a somewhat complicated procedure as pain free and relaxed as possible. He gave options, described the procedures in detail before performing them, and prepared me for possible complications. I attribute my relatively easy recovery to his expertise and professionalism.”

Janice B.

“Dr. English and his team were highly professional, competent, and very efficient. The facility is clean, modern, and medical equipment is state-of-the-art. The procedure and subsequent follow up visits were pleasant experiences.”

Stan V.
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The Full Arch Dental Implants Treatment Process


Initial Consultation

The first step towards getting full arch dental implants is an initial consultation with Dr. Ray English at RI Oral Surgery & Implant Center. During this appointment, Dr. English will evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment goals, and determine if you are a suitable candidate.


Implant Placement

If you are deemed a good candidate for the procedure, the next step is the placement of the dental implants. This is a surgical procedure performed under anesthesia. Dr. English will insert the implants into your jawbone, where they will act as the roots of your new teeth.


Prosthetic Attachment

Once the implants have integrated with your jawbone, which usually takes a few months, the final step is attaching your custom-made prosthetic teeth to the implants. These teeth are designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing a seamless, natural-looking smile.

The Benefits Of Full Arch Dental Implants

Improved Quality of Life
Full arch implants significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals with missing teeth. They provide a comfortable and secure fit, eliminating the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with removable dentures. This restores your ability to eat, speak, and smile with total confidence, knowing your teeth look natural and won't shift or slip.

Bone Preservation
One of the major advantages of full arch implants is their ability to preserve the jawbone. When teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to shrink due to lack of stimulation. This can lead to facial sagging and premature aging. However, dental implants mimic the roots of natural teeth, providing the necessary stimulation to maintain healthy bone levels and prevent bone loss.

Long-Term Solution
While other tooth replacement options like bridges or dentures may need to be replaced or adjusted over time, full arch dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. They are made from biocompatible materials, which integrate with your jawbone, providing a stable and durable foundation for your new teeth.

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