Apicoectomy in Rhode Island

What Is An Apicoectomy?

Understanding The Basics

An apicoectomy is a common dental procedure that’s used to treat tooth infections. Typically, it’s performed after a root canal has failed to completely remove the infection in your tooth. In this minimally-invasive surgery, the tip of your tooth’s root is removed. The apex of the root is then sealed with a biocompatible material. Along with a root canal, this may be the best way to protect and preserve your tooth after a serious infection. Need more information? Contact RI Oral Surgery & Implant Center today for an appointment with Dr. Ray English. We’re always here to help with endodontic treatment in Rhode Island.

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What Our Patients Say

“Dr. English is very kind and skilled. He performed an implant procedure in my lower jaw. Everything went smoothly and I never felt any pain. I’ve been to his office four times and was never left waiting - always seen as scheduled.”

Arthur D.

“I highly recommend Dr. Ray English III. He and his staff made a somewhat complicated procedure as pain free and relaxed as possible. He gave options, described the procedures in detail before performing them, and prepared me for possible complications. I attribute my relatively easy recovery to his expertise and professionalism.”

Janice B.

“Dr. English and his team were highly professional, competent, and very efficient. The facility is clean, modern, and medical equipment is state-of-the-art. The procedure and subsequent follow up visits were pleasant experiences.”

Stan V.
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Did You Know…

97% of apicoectomies are successful after five years

which makes this treatment a great option for maintaining your natural tooth.

Our Apicoectomy Process: What To Expect


X-rays and diagnosis

First, Dr. English will need to take x-rays to examine the interior of your tooth, and determine if an apicoectomy is necessary to restore and preserve your tooth.


Numbing and prep

Before your procedure begins, Dr. English will clean the treatment area and numb it for your comfort. We also offer sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout your appointment. Then, Dr. English will create a very small incision near the root of the tooth


Removing the tip of the root

Through the incision in your gums, Dr. English will carefully remove the infected tissue from the tip of your tooth root, and he will clean the area to prevent further reinfection.


Replacing the root tip and suturing the gums

Once the tip of your tooth’s root has been removed, Dr. English will replace it with a special biocompatible material. This seals the root, and helps stabilize and protect your tooth. Finally, he will suture your gums to clean up the treatment site, and send you home to rest and recover.

Am I A Good Candidate For An Apicoectomy?

Usually, you’re a good candidate for an apicoectomy if you’ve already had a root canal but it has failed and the infection has affected the tip of your tooth’s root. An apicoectomy can be used to remove damaged tissue and try to save the tooth, rather than simply extracting the tooth.

In certain situations, the damage may be too extensive to treat your tooth with an apicoectomy. If this is the case, at RI Oral Surgery & Implant Center, we can discuss other treatment options with you including a dental implant. Contact us today to see if you’re a good candidate for treatment.

Apicoectomy For Rhode Island Patients

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Frequently Asked Questions

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